2 Ways to Hack Facebook Messages Without Password

The day Facebook was introduced into the market to date it is remaining the most interesting and amazing social networking site for all users using it. Today it completely has changed the way people used to communicate and connect. Regardless of the distance one can easily stay connected with the dearest ones and friends of course. Talking about the messaging activities yes it is possibly done on Facebook. You can easily chat long as you want. Also, you can send the videos, pictures and other media files you want. Moreover, you can upload the status over this platform and stay in touch will all always.

Well, using Facebook is a lot easier and almost every person can use this platform. But there is nothing wrong to say that increased use of Facebook has also increased potential threats and risks in people’s lives. The scammer can make the unauthentic profile and communicate with others just for fun or for own selfish means. One being a responsible parent must keep the children away from all dangers.

Here are the best 2 ways to hack a person’s Facebook messages

Here are the best 2 ways to hack a person's Facebook messages
Here are the best 2 ways to hack a person’s Facebook messages

But a question arises that what is the best way to protect the children in today’s dangerous surroundings. No need to worry as today the availability of spying applications has allowed parents to do the monitoring of all activities of the kids without them getting the idea of it.

  • FreePhoneSpy
  • TheTruthSpy



The first and one of the most used apps for hacking Facebook messages is using FreePhoneSpy. No doubt this app has become one of the most amazing and interesting tools that permits one to hack activities of not only children but of spouse, employees, and friends. This app is 100% reliable to use the option that not only provides accurate result but also it provides various spy features and works in a hidden mode. The only thing required to do is downloading and installing the app into the target person’s phone and begin doing monitoring the activities that they perform.

Learn to use it

To access the app you must visit the app website by using this mentioned ( URL address and download it from there. When the process of downloading is done you can install the app and set up the FreePhoneSpy account. To create the user account you must use a unique ID and hard to break the password. Now you can log in using the same ID and password on your phone. When done with all you can start doing the monitoring of the activities done like call logs, chats, social media site activities, etc.

Features that it offers

  • Track call history and record live call
  • Track social media sites’
  • KeyLogger
  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor SMS and text messages
  • Monitor internet history
  • Camera Spy
  • Remote controlling of mobile
  • View videos and photos
  • Companionability
  • Jailbreaking no rooting

With all these amazing features you can easily do the hacking of the phone completely.



Another amazing technique for hacking Facebook messages without a password is using TheTruthSpy. It is another best alternative that you can use. There you need not have to touch the phone nor get the Facebook ID and password. Simply download and install the app into the target phone and fetch all you want including messages and media files shared through messages.

Learn using TheTruthSpy app

Download TheTruthSpy at:

To use the app set up it into the target person’s phone. Same you need to do into your phone. Now you must create a user account followed by filling the required details such as ID and password that can be used easily when login to the user account. Ensure that you make use of the right ID and password that can be easily remembered.

This application is having a user-friendly online dashboard that collects all the information about the target phone. As you are intended to hack target Facebook message you have to choose the social media platform that you are willing to hack. Now you can start hacking all the messages that are sent or received to the target person’s Facebook account. Thus it will help you in knowing whether the person whom your target person commutes is fake or real one. Thus children can be provided complete safety against threats.


  • Calls-messages hacking
  • Multimedia files viewing
  • Social media sites hacking
  • IM apps hacking
  • Media files viewing


With the help of these 2 ways hacking Facebook messages of the target person will be a lot convenient and easier.

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