2 Ways to Track WhatsApp Message Location

2 Ways to Track WhatsApp Message Location

Learn 2 Ways to Track WhatsApp Message Location

In today’s era, many online platforms available, and on this platform people are chatting with their friends. However, WhatsApp becomes the world’s most and popular platform. People are using WhatsApp nowadays to chat with their friends. Moreover, they are sharing some files, videos, photos, and memorable moments. Everyday people find the new update on WhatsApp and people make video and audio calls with their friends.

Learn 2 Ways to Track WhatsApp Message Location
Learn 2 Ways to Track WhatsApp Message Location

Well if you are noticing that your child is chatting with someone else on WhatsApp and hiding from you then it is a little bit worrying. Moreover, you want to know what they are hiding from you. If you are thinking that what will you do to check their WhatsApp then now don’t worry and first read this article? No doubt if they are hiding something from you then they clear their phone data. But in this article, you will know about the magic trick to read all WhatsApp messages and see their WhatsApp location messages as well. In this article, you will read 2 ways to track WhatsApp messages location without them knowing. So read further.

Way 1- FreePhoneSpy

This is the first and very popular spy app through the FreePhoneSpy app you can easily track the WhatsApp. It provides a number of spy features that help you t monitor your target phone. It is 100% safe and secure app so not other hacking tools can detect this app. It is very easy to use and you don’t need to take too much trouble to use it. Just follow some steps and track your child’s WhatsApp messages location.

Download and install

The first thing that you have to need to do is- click on this link to download. Now click on the download option and download from here and install it on your target phone. After installation, create an account with the help of an email id and password.


After creating an account, you have to enter some information to complete the registration process. Now if you want to hide this then start the hidden mode option. Next, your target user will never see the app icon.


Next, you have to log in to the same account on your phone and do some settings on the control panel. Now you will be able to see all information about your target user. You can read all messages, see their status even after they hide a status from you, you can see the location of the message.

The WhatsApp spies are the feature of FreePhoneSpy app and through these features; you can see the WhatsApp messages with details. You will see the date, time, location, contact number of WhatsApp messages. If your target users delete all chat, but still you can read all messages. Apart from the messages, you can listen to the WhatsApp video and audio calls.

Other features of FreePhoneSpy

  • View phone call details
  • Read all messages
  • See the location
  • See the hidden files
  • Listen to incoming and outgoing call recording
  • Ambient voice recorder
  • Camera spy
  • Internet history spy
  • App spy and many more

Way 2- SpyZee

This is another popular way to track the WhatsApp messages location very easily. It is reliable and also provides many spying features. The SpyZee app also provides 100% safe and secure information. And it is easy to use.

To use this app you have to download the SpyZee on your phone. You can download this app from any app store or its official website. So download from here and then install it on your phone. Then follow the same process that you have read in a first way. Once you have completed this process then you will be able to see all the information related to your target device. Other than WhatsApp message location you can read text messages, listen to call recording, spy call details, browser history, and many more.

Which app is the best

Here you have read about the 2 ways to track WhatsApp message location. But you can’t use both apps together. If you are confused among the apps then read further and clear your all doubts. Here we suggest the best app – FreePhoneSpy, because it has many benefits. It provides many features and free trial services. This app offers their customer, technical and customer support all the time. If you have doubts and any query related to FreePhoneSpy then you can contact its customer anytime. You don’t need to learn any coding language to use this app. This app has many benefits as well, you can read more about this app then you can visit its website.

This was the article all about the best WhatsApp message location tracker.

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