5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

It is needless to prove that today’s generation is fully busy in operating their phone especially found busy using social networking sites. Of course, people are using social networking sites as it provides them the opportunity to stay connected with others especially their friends. Today no one misses the opportunity if provided to stay linked with their buddies.

Every day you will see that the users over social sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc are increasing at a faster rate. But more they are found engaged over Facebook. It doesn’t matter what reason one is having but a person decides to undergo spying of Facebook account of another person. Whether he is a friend, parent, spouse or employer they consider doing spying over their target person’s device.

Being from the present generation it is seen that crime has taken its space everywhere and daily many are getting targeted. Not only the girls but boys are targeted. Even the break in the relationship is seen due to lots of misunderstandings. Also, the employers are found worried due to the hiring of some disloyal employees unknowingly that could provide harm to the organization. Also, best friend or GF/BF is getting cheated from their partner for no reason. For all these common issues parents, spouses, employers, and friends consider doing the spy on their target person device.

Learn 5 Best Ways To View Private Facebook Profile
Learn 5 Best Ways To View Private Facebook Profile

Learn 5 Best Ways To View Private Facebook Profile

Obviously, your target is having a phone that is why you are considering doing the spying. But what are the best ways to spy and especially view their Facebook profile to see the activities they do on it? Here in this article, you will see all about 5 ways to view the Facebook private profile of the target to see the activities conducted by them on their phone.

Let’s begin with it-



This is the newest and best tool that is designed for doing the monitoring of the cell phone that targets owe. It is widely used by parents, spouses, and employers to spy their aimed person’s activity. There are many features that this app provides that are making it unique and better than other options. This app is made for the parents that are always worried about their children’s activities done over their Facebook account. The app is fully untraceable and compatible with iOS and android. Hence you will easily able to get the details that you want from the target’s Facebook profile.

To use the app, you must head into the app official website through the mentioned link ( and install it into the target phone. Now download and install the application and once done you must create a user account using the Email address and strong password. Simply log in and step towards the online dashboard to see the private details of the target Facebook account. You shouldn’t have any strong technical skills or knowledge about coding to initiate spying activity.

Features of the app

Easy hack on Facebook account

This is the best feature of FreePhoneSpy app that enables the person to easily view the Facebook account details without informing him or her. You will easily be able to see the friends added, photos and videos uploaded, stories shared, post updated, etc. Also, the conversation that had taken place on Facebook will be available to read even if deleted or not.

GPS location tracking

With the access of FreePhoneSpy, a user can easily do the tracking of the real-time location of the intended guy to see where he or she is moving. Also, you will come to know whether he or she is in a hometown or is traveling.

Access call logs

The calls that are made from the intended device or are received to the device are spied. Even for a reason target delete the call history the app will show all those with its all accurate details. In addition to that live call, listening is also possible.

Text messages

Many IM apps are available that the target person uses. A hacker can easily spy WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc to read the text done with other activities that now are possible with those apps.

Password Theft

Another way of viewing the Facebook private profile is by using Password Theft. The process of installing is important to get access to the intended Facebook account. As you want to view the Facebook details, so this must be installed on both targets as well as hacker’s device. After you complete the installation, you must fill in the details so that you get access to the user’s Facebook account.

Use PictureMate

This is free to use a tool that helps one of tracking someone’s Facebook account without indicating them. No doubt it is a fantastic tool that you can use to view the private account of an intended person secretly. Get this app downloaded from its original site and begin doing hacking to one’s Facebook account. This will help you in easily knowing all about the conducted Facebook activities.

Social Engineering

The private account of Facebook isn’t viewed by anyone except the one that added to the friend list. But when one accesses it, he can track a person’s Facebook k private profile easily and temporarily. Also, it provides a hacker all details of the intended person’s Facebook account like personal information, friend list, photos uploaded, stories shared and so on.

Using SpyZee app

This tool is one of the best tools that help in easily viewing anybody’s Facebook private profile. It is quite easy to use but it won’t work until and unless it is installed into the target person’s Smartphone. In addition to that, the app guarantees its user that it will efficiently work into the device and secretly without making any noise or leaving a hint and will collect the details softly with full accuracy and provide it to the user at the app dashboard.


Finally, you have learned about the best 5 ways to view a person’s Facebook private profile without informing them. Simply choose your alternative and get the desired outcome with the fullest perfection without getting any disappointments or facing any troubles.

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