6 Apps to Spy on Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Phone (iPhone & Android)

6 Apps to Spy on Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Phone (iPhone & Android)

Top 6 Applications To Spy On Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s (iPhone & Android) Phone

If you trace something going on wrong and also you have seen sudden change into the attitude of the partner also you feel like someone entering into his/her life, for you here come the need for doing the spying. Before you reach any conclusion you need to learn all about that is going into the life of the intended person. Might be you are wrong and it’s just confusion or misunderstanding that could create more troubles in the relationship further if you blame the partner for anything that you see.

Top 6 Applications To Spy On Boyfriend/Girlfriend's (iPhone & Android) Phone
Top 6 Applications To Spy On Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s (iPhone & Android) Phone

Instead, you must stay calm and do spy for figuring out all that is going on. Once you get the idea of the thing going on, accordingly you can react.

Here are the top 6 apps that can be used for spying on boyfriend or girlfriend phone

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy app helps its user in spying on the girlfriend or boyfriend phone for free and remotely making spying quite effortless for you to track the intended device. This tool is one of the most useful apps and it works professionally. A user will get the details of all activities that are running into the target person’s Smartphone. With just a few easy to follow steps, you can easily do spying on anybody’s device. You can undergo spying activity and will get the ability to find out what is there in the device.


  • It helps you in monitoring all types of information like call history, call recording, text messages reading, internet activity viewing, media files viewing, GPS tracking, etc.
  • This app is the safest and secured app that leaves your device without any harm.
  • One can easily do the tracking of iOS and Android devices.

To access the app and all its features you can get it from its homepage ( You simply have to download and install the app into the target person device and set it to hidden mode. Also, you need to set up a user account so that you can get access to the app’s online dashboard for retrieving all details of the target person’s conducted functions.

#2 XySpy

#2 XySpy
#2 XySpy

This application is an iOS and Android friendly app that easily works on it without harming it and without the need of following the target throughout the route he/she follows. The app enables you to get full access to the target phone to read all about what they do on their phones. Easily you can trust this app as it works efficiently along with guaranteeing accuracy in the results.


  • Get the insight of the activities done on various social media sites
  • Track GPS location and find out the lost device
  • Record calls, read messages, view media files

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy
#3 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is very much useful app that you can use to unlock the activities that are performed into the intended phone. This application can be used with different versions of iOS and Android. Once you set you set up the app easily into the target person’s phone you can easily access whereabouts. This is done by searching for all his or her existing pursuits such as call logs viewing, media files viewing, IM chats reading, SMS reading, internet activities viewing, live call recording and surrounding noise listening and many more.


  • Look into the media files stored into the girlfriend or boyfriend device
  • Monitoring the internet history and all searches that are done by him or her
  • Viewing all activities done into the target person installed social media sites
  • Reading the chats done on various IM apps
  • Camera spying is also possible with it

#4 SpyZee

Spyzie is the iOS and Android compatible app that is delivering you personally the details of all actions that are going continually into your target person device. No doubt this application has become one of the most suitable apps that not only reveal all the details accurately. All the details that are acquired by the app will be shared with you on the app online dashboard.


  • Easy to set up and access is possible with the app
  • The app tracks all details like call recording, text messages, media files, etc
  • Captures screenshots and screen records based upon your requirements
  • Virus-free app
  • Compatible app

#5 MobiPast

This application is a pocket-friendly app that is used for spying on girlfriend or boyfriend devices that they might be using like iOS and Android. Once the app is installed to the target person device, for you it will be a lot easier to spy and collect all the details that he or she acquires. The application ensures that your target doesn’t get the inkling of your non-stop spying on his or her cellular actions.


  • With the access of this app, you will get the password of the various apps that are installed
  • Eliminating the tool liberally whenever the aim is satisfied
  • Get full details of the notes that are generated by the intended device

#6 PhoneSpying

This is another reliable tool that you can use for spying on the intended device easily. The app is showing higher companionability with iOS and Android. The application is easy to install and use due to its user-friendly interface. This app is updated and is having all the features that you can use for spying on any person fully. The best thing is that it works anonymously so that a target person doesn’t come to know all about being spied. Even if they go into deep research they will not be able to find themselves being traced.


  • The app is having a user-friendly interface that allows him or her to easily spy on the target phone without facing any troubles
  • A user can access the app at any time and from anywhere
  • It is free from all sorts of the virus thus making it safer to use the app


So instead of thinking and wasting time, you should start spying to get the solution to all problems and most importantly clear all doubts you are having.

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