Best Cell Phone Spy App without Target Phone

Best Cell Phone Spy App without Target Phone

Spy Remote: Best Cell Phone Spy Software Without Target Phone

Nowadays peeping into someone’s phone and acquiring all private details has become a common activity. Many reasons are there that makes one to do that but at a time they are caught easing doing so and this thus creates big trouble for the one who peeps into the phone. Taking care of the need of many people who for own personal reasons or matter tends to peep into it, many software designers have come up with the best solutions in the form of spyware. These spywares allow one to easily peep into the target person phone without touching it. The effectiveness of this spyware has led the people to use it at any time, from anywhere and for duration till they want.

Spy Remote: Best Cell Phone Spy Software Without Target Phone
Spy Remote: Best Cell Phone Spy Software Without Target Phone

However, if you are in search of the best quality of spyware app, always hidden spyware for android devices will be helpful. Such an application works quietly into the background of the phone and you can easily do the monitoring of the activities that are going on in your aimed person device.

But the question is which application I should use. Here this post will reveal everything about the best spy tool that you can use for keeping a full eye on the person whom you are interested in doing the spying.

FreePhoneSpy – Free Phone Spy App

Have you heard about the FreePhoneSpy app? No, okay no problem. This post will brief all about it. Yes, this is the application that will help you in fulfilling the desired aim of undergoing cell phone spy without target phone easily and effectively.

FreePhoneSpy app is the Smartphone spying, tracking, and monitoring tool that works very much efficiently in collecting all the details of all activities done by the target into own device. The best thing about the app is that there is no need to undergo the process of Smartphone jailbreaking or rooting. Now talking about cell phone spy without the target phone, it sounds great but is not possible. To read everything that is going into an intended device you must install the app into the target phone but secretly. Once you have provided the app its space into the intended phone you can easily monitor all functions that target a person does by simply accessing the online dashboard.

As varieties of choices are available when coming to choosing the undetectable spyware, if you are interested in using the best one, the FreePhoneSpy app is the best solution. No doubt the app is easy and simple to use and works in a hidden mode into the background of whichever device you spies on upon. The app is having many effective features like text messages monitoring, recording outgoing and incoming calls, tracking GPS location and monitoring all online activities.

FreePhoneSpy app is a highly efficient app that is updated with many good quality of spying features. As this app is designed by the best developers, a user can be doubt free relating to the result that it delivers. You will get all that it claims.

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Let us look at the features that it provides

Phone calls and contact spying

Yes, this is the first thing that mostly hackers are interested in knowing. They always would like to keep a full eye on the target person’s call history. This feature will let you know with whom the target person is engaged over the call and when the call was done or received (date and time); from where the call was done and for how long the calling was done. Also, the live call recording is possible with this app so that you can hear all calls done. Also, the call frequency will be known so to recognize with whom mostly the talks are done. Additionally, the contacts saved into the phonebook will be easily seen when spying.

SMS and IM apps chat spy

FreePhoneSpy app is also capable of spying on the target person text messages and SMS including the name, date, time, phone number, etc. The normal SMS that company sends, banking related SMS, etc will be easily seen. Also, the chat is done on various IM apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger; Telegram, Viber, etc are easily readable.

Ambient noise recording

The app permits its hacker to make a hidden call to hear all that is going on at the surrounding of the intended phone. With this, it will be easier for one to know with whom is target engaged and where he or she is at the current time and what he is doing. Everything you will come to know with it to get a fair idea and if in case you found your dearest ones in a danger, those can be provided safety against the troubles.

Multimedia files viewing

The application no troubles can easily view the target person multimedia files that are saved into his/her device. The videos, photos, GIFs, screenshots, etc will be viewable to get the idea of the type of activities that target does.

Camera spying

FreePhoneSpy app is having a fantastic stealth camera through which you can easily take control over the target person’s phone camera. With the help of this feature, every time the picture is taken with the intended person camera, it will be sent to the hacker directly.

GPS location

GPS location tracking feature helps one in easily doing the recording of the target person location movements in the present time. Also, the details of previous location movements can be traced easily. Even if you have lost your phone or if it is stolen, this feature will help in tracking its location.

The specialty of this app


The tool is designed by the best software developers with proper programming that allows it to show greater companionability with leading operating systems. The app can be used to spy on a major OS like iOS and Android.

Safer solution

As this app is well tested and approved so you won’t find any difficulties in using it. The application is having tight safety that permits it to remain hidden always and also it doesn’t permit harmful viruses to get with it into any device.


If you are interested in using it you can get it from the official site ( Visit the site and learn all about it to make spying quite convenient.

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