Find Lost Phone

How to Find Lost Phone

Find Lost Phone using FreePhoneSpy

If you have just lost your phone and worried about where it is then relaxed we are here to help you find out your phone. We have monitoring software which you can use and using it you can locate the real position of the phone and can get it back. The name of the software is FreePhoneSpy and it is easily available on the store or can be downloaded from its site- Once you download this software the steps which are needed to be followed to find the lost phone are as follows-

You will be notified as soon as the device is tracked. The user once receives this notification is needed to go to its GPS location tracker feature and from there find out the device which is lost. Location of the lost device is displayed on the map and you can thus, see is you mobile picked up by someone or someone tried to open it or not.

If you think that you lost phone is being picked up by someone and they are trying to open it then change the password, lock the phone and erase all the phone data so that none of your data is leaked. In this way, you are able to find the lost phone using FreePhoneSpy. There are many more things which you can do apart from tracking the location of the phone. FreePhoneSpy is software which is created with the motive to monitor on the phone.

Find Lost Phone using FreePhoneSpy

Other features of FreePhoneSpy

So, user can use it to track others phone in case they wish to see what other people are doing on their phone. Suppose you wish to see what your boyfriend is doing on his phone then you can track his phone using the FreePhoneSpy and then you will be able to record his activities like-

Where is he?

If you wish to know where your boyfriend is then track his location using the GPS tracker. You will be able to see if they are at home or in a pub or their friend’s home, etc. Keeping eye on the places visited by your loved ones you can come to know if they are in a safe condition or not.

Whom he is chatting?

Your boyfriend is sitting in front of you and he says he is chatting with an old friend but when you ask them to show their chat, he denies. You probably have doubt to whom he is chatting and why is he not showing his chats. That time track all the WhatsApp, facebook, SMS chats using the chat monitoring feature. You can thus come to know who they are chatting and what is the topic of their chat.

What all the photos he has hidden in his phone?

If you simply ask your boyfriend to know all the photos of his phone, he may simply ignore you or not let you see it. But if you still wish to see what all photos he has hidden in his phone then making use of the photo spy feature is best. You can see all the photos of your boyfriend’s phone and from which source it is extracted. You may find out your boyfriend still have his ex’s photos on his phone.

If you find out your boyfriend is cheating you then in that case you can remain alerts and can show them their place. You can record calls, track location, check their IM chats, social media activity, and many more things can be recorded and saved which can be used as a proof against your boyfriends so as to expose them before they expose you.

The reason why lots of people are loving FreePhoneSpy is that this app is smart monitoring app.


It is free to use and easy to operate. There is no downloading cost or virus risk in this app. So, it can be downloaded and used by any person for their benefit. Before you start using it make sure that you have read its privacy policy. Reading the privacy policy and terms of use you will understand a lot about this software.

Make sure you spy on your kids, partner, and employees because they are the one you love and you wish them to be safe. If you wish to protect them then there is no better app then using FreePhoneSpy.