How Can I Know Other's Mobile Location

How Can I Know Other’s Mobile Location

Learn to Know Other’s mobile location

If you hate calling others every now and then to know whereabouts of those, then this short article will be a lot useful to you. The time comes when one would like to know whether the dearest ones are safe or not but you don’t want to disturb them. In this situation, you can learn to know how to the location of other’s mobile. This can help one in assuring whether the kid is in college or coaching or not and also will help couples to know each one’s present time location. So keep on reading the post and stay informed about all in this article.

Learn to Know Other's mobile location
Learn to Know Other’s mobile location

Obviously, you have heard about the hacking tool. No doubt today free location tracking tools are available. Without any doubt, the FreePhoneSpy app has become the best way of locating the dearest ones and that is too without getting traced. A reliable tracking tool runs on every major platform that is android and iOS. You can use the dashboard remotely for gaining all information related to the target person device. From the location to the call logs to social media sites hacking everything is possibly easier. You will surely have full command on it without any troubles.

Why this app has become special

  • It is having easy to use online control panel that a user can access from anywhere and at anytime
  • You need not have to pay to use it
  • This app functions in a hidden mode and a target person won’t trace you
  • The app provides real-time location details
  • The KeyLogger function helps in retrieving the passwords
  • You can find out the position of the lost or stolen device

How to use the app to know the target location

How to use the app to know the target location
How to use the app to know the target location

Step 1- To use the app you must step into the wizard original website (

Step 2- Get this application downloaded and installed from there followed by setting up of users account

Step 3- Enable the option of unknown source option and allow the app to take space in the device

Step 4- Login to the user account that is set up and from online dashboard’s GPS location tracking option you can easily know the location movements of the target phone

Who is intended to track the location of the phone


The parents that are engaged in the job are always worried about the presence of their kids. They want to know where the kid is now and what he/she is doing. To know all about location movements they hack the target person’s phone and reads all whereabouts.


The husband and wife become willing to track the location of the target when their partner returns late back to home. Through location tracking they easily come to know about where were they so long.


  • Call logs hacking
  • Share media files viewing
  • Multimedia files viewing
  • Text messages reading
  • KeyLogger
  • Internet history viewing
  • Social networking sites hacking
  • IM apps hackling


It doesn’t matter which OS to hack you can easily use the app for tracking the phone location. Now you can easily keep track of the location movements.

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