How to Monitor Cell Phone Calls Without Installing Software

How to Monitor Cell Phone Calls Without Installing Software

Way to Monitor Cell Phone Calls Without Installing Software

Calling your loved once and talking to them as much as you want is a much easier option than to chat with each other. Because texting is a real pain and you just don’t want to wait till the other person replies to you, right? Thus, in this case, the rate of calls is increasing day by day and this also gave rise to cell phone call spying. On the other hand, there are many worried parents who want to always monitor their child day to day activities to protect them from any future danger. So, what is the best way to monitor their life then monitoring their cell phones and call data?

Way to Monitor Cell Phone Calls Without Installing Software
Way to Monitor Cell Phone Calls Without Installing Software

Cell phones are really powerful devices that can help you do a lot of things altogether and thus today almost everyone has it. But the most common question which is asked over the internet is- How to spy or monitor calls in the mobile phone without installing any of the software. Well, it’s quite tough to do so because for that you will have to learn some great hacking tricks. If you have that capability then well and good but if you don’t have much time to learn then here is an amazing option for you. Download an outstanding spy application on your phone and in your target person’s phone as well. Although, you just have to touch their phones only once and till the app is registered and downloaded then you will never need their phone ever in your life.

Let us know more about this amazing application which can help you to do spying of the cell phone calls.



It is an application via which you can do spying all day long remotely and the person who is being tracked will never get to know about it- since the app is undetectable. Also, currently, it is being used by millions of people and appreciating this app because if its features excellent features such as –

  • Message spy
  • GPS tracking
  • Ambient voice recording
  • Keylogger
  • WhatsApp spy
  • Check internet history
  • Social media monitoring
  • Record calls, etc

Step by step guide to understanding way to access cell phone calls (FreePhoneSpy)

Step 1

Firstly you have to download this multipurpose application in the targeted device and then on your phone via this link – Then install it in both of the devices. You can use this app in your both Android and iPhone too.

Step 2

Register yourself by entering a unique username and password in the app FreePhoneSpy. Remember this detail as you will have to reenter it in your device as well to run the app on your phone.

Step 3

Now open the control panel of the app and click on the option- call spy. In this option, you can hear and view all the calls made by the suspected person. You can monitor his or her calls on real time basis without any trouble.


This was about call spy phones via FreePhoneSpy an outstanding app for spying.

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