How to Spy on Text Messages without Target Phone

How to Spy on Text Messages without Target Phone

Spy on text messages without the target phone

The technical progress has led the people to use many devices that are providing them the complete access to the internet. But at a time you find that you need to do the controlling of the activities that another person does. Now a query comes that many are having. Is it possible to spy on text messages without taking the target person’s phone? Yes, it is possible but only by spying on a person’s device and without letting them get a hint of it. Indeed, spying on a person’s phone is not at all good but some bad situation occurs and then forces you to do so.

Spy on text messages without the target phone
Spy on text messages without the target phone

Here are a few reasons why the need for reading text messages becomes essential

  • Getting access to the children’s device to see with whom they are talking and what talks they are doing is the major concern of the parents. Also, they want to make sure whether the children are safer and secured or not in the unsecured surrounding.
  • Checking the text messages of the partner to figure out with whom they so long are chatting is another reason for messages spying. What is the reason for not paying attention to the relationship and why he or she is getting back late to the home?
  • Monitoring the chats of the employees to see whether they are sharing or not sharing the company’s important information through text with the opponents in the greed of money is an employer’s reason to use it.
  • A best friend does spy on his/her friends to see are they best and whether they are tricking him or not. Also through a hidden spy, a friend will come to know whether the friend is talking all the wrong things about him/her with others or aren’t.
  • The boyfriend/girlfriend considers doing spying on their respective one to see are they cheated or not.

If you fall into any of these situations you shouldn’t waste the time. Instead, you can get the FreePhoneSpy app now and start spying to reveal all hidden secrets and get greater peace in your life.

Learn to read the text messages without phone

Learn to read the text messages without phone
Learn to read the text messages without phone

Get the app installed in your device- Step into the official website of the app ( and then get the app download and install it into your device. When initiating the process of app downloading you must enable the option of the unknown source to provide the app the permission to get into your phone. If not done this then the application won’t download on your phone.

Creating the FreePhoneSpy account- Next what you need to do is creating the user’s account at FreePhoneSpy site by using the valid email address and password only.

Linking the target phone with the app- As spy has to be done without the target phone so you must provide the details of the target like OS using, phone number, the name so that easily the connection between both phone and app can be created. Once provided the target device with getting paired up with the spyware.

Start doing monitoring You can do the monitoring now by logging into the FreePhoneSpy account. From the app online dashboard, you can retrieve all you want.

How to make spying more effective

Until and unless you have a set goal that for what purpose you are going to make use of the spyware you won’t be able to do spying effectively. So you need to define your goals and then you can work accordingly. You must understand the need before starting with it. some options are here that will work for you.

  • Viewing the deleted text messages that your spouse is not ready to share with you
  • Looking for the important text or mail into the phone
  • Worrying about the children activities and to figure out what they do in their phone
  • Location the movement of the target
  • Viewing the activities of all installed app

Spying features that you can access

  • Text messages reading done on various IM apps
  • Call history spying to know all calling done
  • Viewing internet history activities
  • Seeing the saved media files
  • KeyLogger for password breaking
  • Spying on social networking site activities
  • Phonebook checking
  • Normal SMS reading

Best qualities of the app

  • 100% untraceable app
  • Excellent technical support is available
  • Works in hidden mode
  • No viruses


We hope that this short guide will be helpful to you in learning about how to spy on text messages. Whatever is your reason; this spying tool will work for you efficiently.

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