Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free

Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free

Top 6 Android Sound Recorders Free You Should Know

The android device is day by day getting updated very well and is providing bundles of features. At present large numbers of users are having access to the android device instead of any other OS. But due to many troubles that one faces in the life the need of using spying tool become a must and they forcefully undergo spying of the cell phone.

Top 6 Android Sound Recorders Free You Should Know
Top 6 Android Sound Recorders Free You Should Know

Here in this article, we will be sharing with you the top 6 android sound recorder free that you should be aware of.


The FreePhoneSpy app is the app that we can say is a fully dedicated and simple to use app that is providing a voice recording feature. Surely you will find it easier to use all the available services of the FreePhoneSpy app. It is having a modern interface that matches very well with the superior quality capturing as well as amazing spying features. Surely you will love using the app clarity and simplicity. It thus creates a very good understanding between user and app. You can configure the phone to begin up with the recording, easily. Even to record the superior quality of audio you need not have to pay any money.


Features of it

Calls spy and recording All calls like dialed calls, received calls, deleted calls are recorded easily with all the information that counts date, time, location name of the callers, etc. The real-time call recording is done possibly.

Text spy all text that one receives or shares are spied easily. A hacker can read out the text to know about the intention of the target person.

Media files spy- The media files such as videos, photos, GIFs, screenshots, etc are spied to see the behavior of the target person.

Internet history spying- All sites visited, URLs browsed, content downloaded, bookmarks did, etc are easily seen.

KeyLogger It is used for breaking the device screen lock, app encryption password, etc. Also, apps like banking apps, social networking apps, and email apps passwords can be broken easily.

Voice recorder

This is another best to use an app that works very well on all sorts of devices like iOS and Android. Additionally one will get regular stuff like managing the audio recording. You will get the records regularly. The best feature is that you will be able to collect much information as needed by the user. Nowadays a user has appreciated the services and features that it is offering. Also, you can share the recording with others easily in the same quality in which the recording is done.

Smart voice recorder

Today it has become the cleverest recording tool that ever has introduced into the market. It is having the capacity of recording the noises. Also, it doesn’t consume much power and space. It has become possible by the incorporation of the smart algorithm addition to a real-time spectrogram that has made it quite smarter. It is very much easy to use and is well known for offering very good audio and has become an ideal selection for use in the conference and business meeting when needed to take note. Its working frequency is 8 Hz – 44 Hz.

Titanium voice recorder

It is easily able to compress all the files recorded in 3gp. All the unknown recordings and scans are saved onto the speaker. It is having well-increased security features that have made the use of application quite handler. It is having an inbuilt file manager that very well manages the files. It effectively works on android 4.3. Also, it is having an embedded player that can instantly record the audio recording. Today it has become ideal and professionals can use it for doing the voice recording on an android device. It records calls in very good quality. Also, it is well known for providing the superior quality of recording and user that would like to have the extra rush of safety.

RecForge II

This is the perfect free of cost sound recording app for music lovers and headbangers. It is offering flawless service for recording. It is developed by using advanced programming and high-end technology. It can be downloaded and installed from its home site. It is offering music speed changers like playing rate adjust pitch and temp. Additionally, it permits one in enabling and disabling the automatic gain control. It is supporting FLAC, m4a, WMA, etc. It runs well into the background and battery usage can be also lessened. Also, it is supporting the different shares and file formats with conventional format or cloud. It is simple to use a sound recording tool that easily manages the files and folders according to the needs.


This is another amazing application available in the market and can be used for various purposes. Not only it records audio files but it can send all recorded phone calls for monitoring another person. It is supporting the android devices and is the best solution for professional recording etc. This is having a playback waveform and HD voice recording ability and is greatly configurable. It is offering effects that eliminate sounds, echo, and silky noises. Also, it is providing a volume booster that is enhancing the tracker for very good hearing.

It is free to used sound or voice recorder that is offering up-gradation. It permits you to download the formats/files in very good quality. It is the most used app all across the globe and a user will get benefits from it. It is the best and reliable to use the tool. Simply head into the official site and see different offers at a reasonable rate. It is also supporting different devices and file sharing is a lot easier.

The end

So these are the top 6 android sound recorder that you can use for free. It makes the use of advanced technology and anyone can use it especially business persons. Also, it permits you in doing the recording of the voice notes.  If you want to get access to the best one you can choose the FreePhoneSpy app that is easy to use. Just give it a try and use all the features it offers.

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